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Cave-In Alert – Signs A Roof Inspection Is Way Overdue

Cave-In Alert - Signs A Roof Inspection Is Way Overdue

It’s easy to forget about the roof. It’s up there, out of sight and mostly out of mind. Unless it starts leaking or there’s a big snowstorm that damages the roof, most homeowners don’t give their roof a second thought. It is a mistake. A roof inspection should be part of your regular home maintenance plan, such as changing your air filter or testing your smoke alarms.

This blog post by Ohio’s Best Home Improvement will discuss some main signs that a roof inspection is long overdue.

Issues You can Face if You Miss a Roof Inspection.

Rats! It’s been so long since you had the roof inspected that you forgot about it.

It turns out failing to get your roof inspected regularly can lead to some nasty consequences. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Water Damage: Mold and mildew will start to grow, and before you know it, you’ll be dealing with some severe water damage.

Structural Damage: The leak in your roof can trigger rotting of the structure of your home!

Higher Energy Costs: Don’t forget about all those holes and cracks in your roof letting out precious warm air into cold winter nights – or cool summer breezes on hot summer days! A leaky roof can cause you to spend more money on heating and cooling.

What are the Signs Indicating a Roof Inspection

Water stains start showing on your ceiling or walls. It is a big sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the attic, and it could be due to weak shingles letting rain seep through into unprotected areas where they don’t belong! It might even cause mold spores if left unchecked long enough, which means you’ll need more than just an inspection – so get it done now before things get worse with time (and money).

If you see granules from your roof in the gutters, your shingles are wearing down and need replacement. It’s not only unsightly, but it also means that water will eventually seep through these cracks and harm the wood beneath, so don’t wait any longer!

The eaves troughs overflow with water after a rainfall. It could mean two things: your gutters aren’t angled correctly, or there’s an issue with the roof itself (like a hole or crack). In any event, have it inspected as soon as possible to avoid additional harm in the future.

Your attic is sweltering when you take a look up there. Believe it or not, this could indicate significant roof trouble on the horizon. Why? Because if there’s a hole or crack in your roof, the heat from the sun will be beating down on that spot – causing your insulation to wear down faster and potentially leading to an expensive repair job.


Even if you can’t see any obvious signs that your roof needs inspecting, it’s always a good idea to do so regularly. Ohio’s Best Home Improvement will help you keep your homes in Marysville, OH, in top condition. We have it all covered for you, from roofing to siding and windows.

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