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8 Ingenious Bathroom Ideas

8 Ingenious Bathroom Ideas

A lot of folks don’t know how to properly use there space. And if you have a big family you’ll have plenty of items that need to be kept in storage. The loo is where you start and finish you day. Don’t let the cluttered frustrate you! That’s why Ohio’s Best Home Improvement came up with 8 ingenious bathroom ideas to keep you organized! Read below!

Bin’s, Two Teared Stands, and More!

If you have trouble keeping your bathroom straightened out, bin’s are a great way to organize things. They amplifies the space you have as well. If you don’t have shelves under your sink, they do sell stackable containers or even a plastic unit with drawers. If you wanted to purchase a vanity set with shelf space at the bottom make sure you have enough room to place things under there!

Keeping the toiletries up off the counter with two teared stands can keep damage from happening to your counter. Not to mention the collection you have on your countertop will be more organized! I’ve found some in amazon for as low as $20 bucks.

Spice racks are great to keep everyday things that are used in hands reach. Install on wall or the back of your cabinet doors to save space. Using clear spice racks really help keep things in order.

Have a spot for towels. When every item has a spot it goes to day in and day out just makes your bathroom seem more organized. If you can use a small hamper so clean and dirty towels don’t get mixed together. There less than $20 depending on where you go!

Towel Ladder, Free Standing Cabinet, Etc…

Towel ladder’s are good if you want to add a rustic look. Everyone uses hooks in the bathroom or a towel bar. Using a ladder maximizes vertical space. You can place baskets on the ladder to store toiletries.

Free-standing cabinet’s, if you have the room of course can help with more storage. Easily turn an older dresser or cabinet into your new bathroom storage.

Magnet’s can help increase your storage if you have a metal medicine cabinet. Its great for nail clippers, bobby pins, and so much more.

Bath caddy’s that go over a tub or the shower head hold anything you need to make your bathroom time more convenient.

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