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Clogged Drains

We all from time to time get clogged drains from your kitchen sink to your toilet. It’s always better to be prepared than out of luck when something overflows(easier said than done sometimes). You have your basic tools like plungers, augers also known as a plumbing snakes, and or a flat sewer rod. All of which can empty any hindrance in any drain line. Clogged drains at least for us is a common problem we run into from time to time. So we at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement figured we’d help some folks in the Dublin, Ohio area with some information on common drain issues. Enjoy!

Soap Scum

Soap scum can collect over time in your washer, shower, and bathroom drains. It makes the circumference of your drain smaller, and in turn cause build up. Soap can combine with hair and dirt to make clogs. Animal fat is a main component in most soaps, and mixes with minerals in water and forms soap scum. Extreme amounts of scum are hard to clean on bathroom surfaces. If you notice your soap leaving a residue, might want to think of switching to liquid or a bar not made with animal fat. Pressure cleaning is great for removing soap scum!

Human Hair

Human hair is the # 1 corporate when it comes to showers, bathtubs, and bathroom drains. Hair tangles with other items like soap does and stays attached to your drain instead of going where it needs to down your drain. Any type of hair from long, short, curly, and pet hair all gets stuck. To get in front of this problem simply buying a drain cover will help keep your drains clear from future clogged drains. Using chemical liquids can do damage over time to your pipes, and sometimes doesn’t work. Using a snake may help too before you have to call a professional!

Oil, Grease, & Fat

Oil, grease, and fat can cause some serious blockage. Even if you think running hot water as your draining those items down the drain will work, it doesn’t! The easiest way to prevent this type of clog is to collect it in a jar and throw it away when its full. Now if you notice a clog in your toilet cause of oil or grease. Mix some detergent, and hot water pour in toilet and flush. This will help break down solidified oil, and plunge again. If that doesnt work use a commercial drain cleaning agent before spending money on a plumber.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow in the smallest crack in your pipes, and if you have more than one drain clogged its starting somewhere in your sewer line. tree roots are common cause in clogged underground pipes. As roots grow they can rupture and clog your lines. Make sure planting any type of plant with big roots are planted away from your home. You may need excavation, trench less repair, and or pressure jet cleaning if you have a bigger problem.

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