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Things to know before updating your bathroom.

When your update your bathroom make sure you do all the necessary updates. Be sure to do your research before making any type of decision. Ohio’s Best Home Improvement can help lead you in the right direction for all your home needs!

Things to know before updating your bathroom
1) Always meet with two or more companies. Not everyone carries the same type of product.

2) Make niches for toiletries. Instead of using the tub or grab bar for your things(which everyone does) niches sit nicely in your wall, and out of the way. Doesn’t take up stall space and you can put it at any height.

3) Update your wiring. It’s more than likely been abused for years so don’t just replace the GFCI outlets, replace the wiring too with a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Which will be more up to speed and you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

4) Don’t just rely on the ceiling light to light up the whole room. Place light fixtures at eye level around 66 inches. Try testing them before you buy too so you know you’ll like them. Always install a long fixture if there’s no room on the sides of the mirror to do so.

5) Time. People assume that because they have a small bathroom it’s not going to take long. That’s not the case. Most installs start anywhere from a 3-day install to a 2-week job. So make sure you have a friendly neighbor or family member that can help you out if you only have one bathroom!

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