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Financing We Use

LendHome Improvements

The financing we use takes the stress out when it comes to remodeling your home. From picking out material to trying to find someone to install it, and worrying about where you’re going to get the cash to do it. Not to mention how time-consuming that can all be. Here at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement, we’ve taken the stressors away from remodeling your home and simplified it for you!

How We Take Away The Stressors!

  1. We offer product for your home renovation, from windows, siding, bathrooms, gutters, windows, and doors.
  2. Offer financing options from LendHome Improvements, so you dont have to pay cash if you dont want too!
    • Get options as low as $149 a month
    • No pre-payment penalties
    • 24 months no interest
    • 3,5,7, and 10 year payment plans
    • Soft pull on your credit
    • No stipulations as in proof or ownership, and income
    • Made for home improvement projects
  3. We install product!
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