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Your bathroom is the most important room in your home. We all like to add our style, but sometimes even a little is too much. Some objects could even double your mold and mildew issues. With 25 years plus experience, Ohio’s Best Home Improvement has some easy guidelines as to what doesn’t go in your bathroom! Read below!

Why Electronics shouldn’t go in the restroom.

Why electronics shouldn’t go in the restroom.

Electronics and water don’t go together especially in the bathroom. Could be dangerous, but they also could potentially get damage by being exposed to water which results in rust, and corrosion. Best to leave your gadgets, and razors in your medicine cabinet or some type of cabinet in your bathroom that doesn’t expose it to water.

Why Valuable Art Work shouldn’t go in the washroom.

Why valuable art work shouldn’t go in the washroom.

Valuable Art: We all like to spruce up our walls to add a little color . But by doing that you’re exposing your artwork to humidity. End result could ruin your expensive painting even in a frame. Just make sure your not using pictures that mean something to you .

Why Reading Material is bad for the lavatory.

Why reading material is bad for the lavatory.

A lot of us read books and magazines while were in the bathroom, but paper products absorb moisture with ease. Resulting in mold because of the moist environment. Make sure you store your books outside the bathroom, even put a book shelf or stand right outside the door for easy access.

Why Prescription Medication/ Vitamins aren’t good for your water closet.

Why prescription medication/vitamins aren’t good for your water closet.

Every bath has a medicine cabinet. But most pills aren’t ideal in humid area’s, and have a guidelines that they need to be in a dry cool place. Getting wet could change the chemical properties and drug formulation of your medication. Try and keep your vitamins and medication where you’ll remember to take them, like your night stand.

Why Toothbrushes don’t go in the loo.

Why toothbrushes don’t go in the loo.

Most Folks don’t know that when you flush your toilet bacteria is released into the air, and with humid conditions bacteria can multiply quickly. Its best to store your toothbrush in your medicine cabinet or somewhere outside the bathroom.

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