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How To Properly Put Christmas Lights On Your Home & Other Safety Tips For Winter

A lot of Folks in the Columbus, Ohio area don’t do any type of research on how to properly and safely install Christmas decorations. Nearly 200 injuries occur each day during the holiday decoration season. That’s why we at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement thought these might help fewer accidents this holiday season! Read below.

Starting Point

  1. For how many lights you’ll need to measure all the straight lines on your house and add them together, and don’t forget how far you are from the energy outlet.
  2. Adhesive clips are best for columns and railings. Universal light clips are best for rooflines.
  3. Choose a focal point on your home, and place your brightest lights in area’s you want all the focus.

How to Hang Lights Outside

  1. Test lights first, and replace broken ones if need be.
  2. Double check distance to power source
  3. Attach lights to clips and start hanging
  4. Insert clips on the gutter or in between the roof and the shingles.
  5. String lights, icicle lights, mini lights, C7, and C9 work well with universal clips
  6. Windows, railings, and columns get adhesive clips
  7. Make sure your clips are distributed evenly
  8. Smart plugs control the timing of your lights so you don’t have to worry about plugging them in

How to Install Lights on Roof Peaks

  1. You’ll need a helper to do it safely
  2. Don’t install while its raining or snowing
  3. Place ladder securely on the side of the home and on level firm ground
  4. Have your partner hold ladder to keep it in place
  5. Use a tool belt, and never try and hold supplies while climbing a ladder
  6. Try and use plastic clips instead of staples and nails

Other Tips & Tricks

  1. Check heating systems
  2. Clean out chimneys, and fireplaces
  3. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detecters
  4. Remove Ice and snow from sidewalks to prevent slips, and falls
  5. Avoid snow shoveling injuries by stretching before you begin, and pushing snow not lifting as you shovel
  6. Be Safe !!

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