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When To Replace Windows

Determining when to replace windows is an easy task, but when it comes to doing it’s the hardest part. Not just because of cost, but because it’s an investment. It could be costing you more to keep your windows than to replace them. No one wants to pay hand over fist when they can help […]

Top Bathroom Trends For 2023

With all the stress we endure, one of the things you might enjoy is a hot bath/shower at the end of the day. And since Covid I’m sure were all a little worried about our health. We spend a lot of our lives in the bathroom, that’s where we start and end each day. A […]

Tips For Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is never fun, but you got to do what you got to do(or hire someone, but that costs money). When the weather gets warmer everything that’s been neglected all winter needs a little revamping. We thought at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement with 25years worth of experience thought we’d share some tips on spring cleaning! […]

Con’s Of Doing A Remodel Yourself

Con’s of doing a remodel yourself can sometimes out way the good. We all think that things are easy and then we go to do our project and it’s not as easy as we thought. It doesn’t matter how much research you’ve done on your project it doesn’t make you an expert. Ohio’s Best Home […]

Common Window Problems

Your windows are one of the easiest ways to let money fly out the window if there compromised. Living in a four season state means your windows take on different weather patterns. Wind, temperature, and snow can damage your windows and anything on the outside. Everything as they age breaks down. And repairs are always […]

Household Cleaners To Avoid

A lot of people only care about what something smells like or if it’s a name brand. We tend to focus on making things easier for ourselves instead of taking the time to do research. Now more than ever are there available options without all them harsh chemicals. Ohio’s Best thought it be best to […]

8 Ingenious Bathroom Ideas

A lot of folks don’t know how to properly use there space. And if you have a big family you’ll have plenty of items that need to be kept in storage. The loo is where you start and finish you day. Don’t let the cluttered frustrate you! That’s why Ohio’s Best Home Improvement came up […]

Clogged Drains

We all from time to time get clogged drains from your kitchen sink to your toilet. It’s always better to be prepared than out of luck when something overflows(easier said than done sometimes). You have your basic tools like plungers, augers also known as a plumbing snakes, and or a flat sewer rod. All of […]

Bathroom Sinks

There are many styles of bathroom sinks to choose from. Sinks are a bowl shaped plumbing device meant for washing hands, dishwashing, and other purposes. Countless minutes of your life are spent standing at your sink. Most often vanities have 3 features sink, countertop, and mirror. Vanities are the most important when it comes to […]

Freeing Up Space In Your Bathroom

Freeing up space in your bathroom can be difficult especially if you not a professional designer. Adding one wrong thing can clutter your whole entire bathroom. That’s why with 25 plus years experience, Ohio’s Best Home Improvement wanted to give folks a few ideas that might help clear your space! Please read below. Here’s 8 […]

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