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Freeing Up Space In Your Bathroom

Freeing up space in your bathroom can be difficult especially if you not a professional designer. Adding one wrong thing can clutter your whole entire bathroom. That’s why with 25 plus years experience, Ohio’s Best Home Improvement wanted to give folks a few ideas that might help clear your space! Please read below. Here’s 8 […]

Curb Appeal Idea’s

Here’s 7 curb appeal ideas that will give your home in Columbus, Ohio a facelift without all the cost. Many buyers today don’t want a fixer upper. Out of all honesty appliances, home renovations, and electronics need updating every 10-15 years. That’s why we at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement think its important to stay in […]

Bathroom Safety For The Elderly.

Bathroom safety for the elderly is super important. No one wants to worry about there parents or grandparents falling and getting hurt. There’s so many things you can do for safety. Here at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement we can help turn your bathroom from a health hazard into a safe and sound environment. Read below! […]

Financing We Use

The financing we use takes the stress out when it comes to remodeling your home. From picking out material to trying to find someone to install it, and worrying about where you’re going to get the cash to do it. Not to mention how time-consuming that can all be. Here at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement, […]

Things not to store or keep in your bathroom.

Your bathroom is the most important room in your home. We all like to add our style, but sometimes even a little is too much. Some objects could even double your mold and mildew issues. With 25 years plus experience, Ohio’s Best Home Improvement has some easy guidelines as to what doesn’t go in your […]

How To Properly Put Christmas Lights On Your Home & Other Safety Tips For Winter

A lot of Folks in the Columbus, Ohio area don’t do any type of research on how to properly and safely install Christmas decorations. Nearly 200 injuries occur each day during the holiday decoration season. That’s why we at Ohio’s Best Home Improvement thought these might help fewer accidents this holiday season! Read below. Starting […]

Different Types Of Roofs

Your roof is the start of your protection for your home and its bones(structure). That’s why Ohio’s Best Home Improvement thinks it’s important for the Dublin, Ohio area to have some information on roofs before you get started on updating your home. Read below! Gable Roofs Gabel roofs are used around the world and are […]

Bathroom Wall Systems

Most folks don’t know about all the different types of bathroom wall systems out there in Lewis Center, Ohio much less anyone else. At Ohio’s Best Home Improvement, we offer Onyx which is a man-made solid surface that’s comparable to granite and comes in many designs and styles. Here’s some information on what we carry […]

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Who doesn’t like to have a view to the outside of there home in Westerville, Ohio and to have easy access in and out? From time to time some of us think its no big deal if you have to use a little more shoulder to open and close your sliding glass door, or even […]

Six things to do to get your house ready before winter.

As a homeowner, there’s a never-ending to-do list, and a lot of us are guilty of procrastinating and putting things off till its too late. Even if it seems like you dont have any issues now, Ohio’s Best Home Improvement can help you save with free inspections at your home in Springfield, Ohio. If your […]

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